One Year Ago Today!

Hi guys! It`s been a while for me to write something here ☺ My last post was related to my first All That Skate experience, it was a very VERY special one for me, that is the reason I put it on a paper and made it never ending ☺ Today I want to share with you one more special experience. It started one year ago today. Me and my friend Steven O`Brien we`ve started our supporting page on Facebook. It started with only two people with a dream, a shared dream, to enjoy skaters and support them. It was challengeable as we decided to cover two federations, US and Japan, and now, owing to the growth in another, there are three, we also have our eyes on Skating Federation of Kazakhstan. We have 170 members from everywhere from Singapore, to Taipei, to London, New York and Moscow and even Siri Lanka.
A lot of people were skeptical a co-hosted skating blog from Japan and USA would not work. It did work and it worked more wildly than anyone ever expected. Now we are the only one of our kind. Today among us there are engineers, skaters, fire fighters, physicians, several high profile skating moms of champions, and people from all walks of life, from all over the world. This page is not a fan page, it is more than that, and you can feel it from the atmosphere we managed to create, our friendship grew through number of events spent together.
Photos came, videos came, some skaters came too, and some members became involved. Our page is very diverse, and it is what both Steven and I wanted. We wanted to bring the world a little closer and share love for something we both loved. Steven says that someone reflected our page as an outside of Disneyland, the happiest skating site in the world. Haha, we are not too sure about that claim, but we wanted to recognize our members for our success and those who contribute.
Some large contributors to our page have made it unique and special. First, we would like to thank Peter Murray, Blazing Blades for his contribution of all the skating journalists. If you read it every day, you will know what is going on in the skating world. Some others are Olunya Ryznoff, who often keeps us from falling down and keeping us informed on the Russian Federation. Charlie Zeitsev, who always adds to the happiness of our page. Here’s to all our members!
Life isn’t always about random moments, it is about moments that take your breath away. That day, when our boy Denis has won Bronze at the Olympics, our country saw it`s biggest achievement in Figure Skating so far. I still remember how happy and proud me and my friends were! However, post Olympic period have brought us some sad news. We had to say goodbye to Daisuke Takahashi, Mao Asada, Akiko Suzuki and Yuna Kim. Tatsuki Machida has also retired recently. These were not easy goodbyes, for me personally saying bye to Yuna was the most painful process, but some of you said our site helped you work through it, you know what, it helped me too. The life of a figure skater is finite, so you have to remember skaters as they pass and welcome new ones. Charlie & Meryl, Scott & Tessa left as well, but there were new openings. In anticipation of the future we started covering juniors and JGP. Here we met Rin Nitaya, Miyu Nakashio, Soyoun Park, Elizabet Turzynbaeva, witnessed the phenomenon of Wakaba Higuchi, who at only age 13 won the Junior National Championship, watched Satoko win the national Championship.
Yes, it was a BIG one! It was a year of huge achievements, heart breaking goodbyes, new openings, and breath taking performances! What was you’re the most breathtaking performance from last year? Me and Steven would say Olympic Free Skate program of Mao Asada! It was a program of her life, indeed. I would also say Yuna, who showed what the real champion should be like. And last one for Tatsuki, sensational short program at Worlds, and his free program at Skate America, that triple Lutz right before the end of the program, those steps…gosh, how strong and fit you must be to do that!
What about this year? Ashley Wagner won another title, Adam Rippon with his first National Medal, Miyu Nakashio with her first Inter High school championship title, Javi was crowned as European Champion for the third time yesterday! Wow, and we still have 4CC and Worlds coming! Wow, what a roller coaster ride! What a year it was! Lets do it again. Everybody ready?

Sincerely yours, Ainash and Steven!

p.s. Visit us her↓


Show must go on!

Hey guys!

wow, it`s been almost five months since my last post. So, how have you been? Me? Still student 😀 But, oh, i finally found a job! fiew! no , really, one big BIG fiew!!!

So, i was away from the blog and figure skating for awhile, but i have an excuse – it was an off season 😛

And after Yuna`s retirement i wasn`t feeling like Figure Skating for a while, but it was just a small period of time. No, i still have Yuna in my mind, but time heals everything you know, and i believe after all she`s done to this sport it is even more better now, you can see her moves, you can hear her music being used by some juniors, truly legend, truly champion, great role model! She`s like a book which juniors are reading and rereading over and over again, well, what can i say, you need to have only this book on your book shelve of Figure skating and you are going to be just perfect, as Yuna doesn`e lie, she`s just doing it.

So, let me start with Juniors Grand Prix series. You know, to be honest i wash`t so much interested in juniors competitions until this season has started. Why? well, at the beginning it was only a willingness to watch some skating, and as ISU was broadcasting juniors competitions all for free and live, i could`t miss it lol My first journey through JGP started with the series in Nagoya and it was a bomb! So, i was watching ladies SP, little girls were skating one after another and then announcement: Next to skate, Elizabet Turzynbaeva, representing Kazakhstan! i was like” hmm???”….oh that girl that trains with Brian Orser, lets see. And then she came on and first jump – bam! combination jump – bam bam! and Salchow! BAMMM!! it seemed so easy as one two step, and as a result – top of the table after SP. WOW, this girl is going to be our female version of Denis! Before, i just knew that her coach was Brian Orser which mean she`s got something as he takes only best ones. And then i saw it with my own eyes, really talented girl, great footwork, jumps were text book, and the music – Memoirs of geisha, i love this movie so much and she put it`s story on the ice there! Pretty much for the age of 14 i tell you. So, i found myself new favorite skater, and the fact she`s kazakh makes me proud of it!

Another girl i will look over is Miyu Nakashio, Japanese junior skater. She ended up forth at her first GP competition, not bad i tell you! Worth to look at! There`s another young lady from Japan – Riona Sato. uuuhhhh, i can see the new generation here!!!!

Oh, btw i was inspired by these juniors so much so me and my co blogger made some changes to our page on FB. Now we are supporting not only skaters from US and JP, but from KAZ also, and not only seniors, now we have some juniors!

This is our page btw ->

What about seniors? well, nothing changed 😉 Haruka Imai, a girl with the pure soul, you can feel it from her skating! Mirai Nagasu, a girl that is truly loved by both, US and JP. Machida Tatsuki, a boy transferred into a man after the Olympic Games, you can feel it from his skating manner or his interviews! He sworn to beat Yuzuru this season and i`m gonna cheer him for that! And Kanako Murakami, the new ACE of the JSF! I`m sure there`re a lot of pressure as Akiko and Miki left, and Mao taking a break. This year can be her last one as a competitive skater, so i`m going to cheer her all the way. And the last but not the least, our boy Denis Ten.

Who else? Jin Seo KIM, Hae Jin KIM, So Youn PARK – love these guys and watching them skating reminds me of  Yuna, i know she looked over them this summer, so even if she`s not competing anymore, these kids are going to represent a piece of her on the ice, which i`m going to enjoy.

Julia Lipnitskaia – from all the Russian stars i like this girl the most.

Adelina Sotnikova – not like she`s my favorite, not now or ever will be, it`s just the whole world will look at her after her “Gold” medal, and hopefully she will prove it. But, well, i just saw that one of her GP series places is Russia, so who knows, they can make her win again >< but the second one is Japan, so she will get what she deserves, in it`s bad or good meanings 😉

So let me go through events we have coming soon.


24 – 28  Sep 2014  Tallinn Estonia

1 – 5   Oct 2014    Dresden Germany

8 – 12 Oct 2014   Zagreb Croatia

These three are probably will be broadcasted live for free on Youtube, just stay tuned to this channel – ISU Junior Grand Prix, or visit our page on FB.

ISU GP of Figure Skating

24 – 26 Oct 2014         Chicago, IL United States(SKATE AMERICA)

31 Oct – 2 Nov 2014   Kelowna, B.C.  Canada (SKATE CANADA)

7 – 9 Nov 2014             Shanghai China (CUP OF CHINA)

14 – 16 Nov 2014         Moscow Russia (ROSTELECOM CUP)

21 – 23 Nov 2014         Bordeaux France (TROPHEE BOMPARD)

28 – 30 Nov 2014        Osaka Japan (NHK TROPHY)

11 – 14 Dec 2014          Barcelona Spai (FINAL)

For these events you will need an ice network account. It didn’t work good with me last year, so i`m not doing it this year. But there are going to be some free channels, i`ll let you know about them, don`t go away from our FB page when there`s an event! We will be available 24 hours because we work from two sides of the world, Tokyo and Seattle, so when it is bed time in Tokyo, Seattle will be there for you to make sure you won`t miss anything.

Thank you for reading it till the end!  See you soon!

p.s. let me know if there are any information you want us to post here on on our FB page 😉 our page is more than just a fan page, it is a place where anyone even skaters themselves can come and feel like home, be sure we will make it work!








연아야 고마워! Thank you, Yuna!

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are doing well!

As i mentioned in my last post, this one is going to be about my first experience of All That Skate!!! I tell you, this was the BEST Golden Week I`ve ever had! And it was the BEST ice show i`ve ever attended (i did a lot btw ;))! Not the cast or lightening made it perfect, no, i wouldn`t say it was the best i`ve seen so far, it was Yuna, her presence, that atmosphere between fans, that is what made it perfect to me!

When i met Backstreet Boys last year, when Brian Littrell sang “am i the only one?” looking straight to my camera, when i even took a picture with the guys, i thought i couldn`t be happier, but i was wrong ❤❤❤

So, let me go through my stay step by step starting from the day i arrived!


So, i took the train and headed to my hostel J Guest House, perfect place for tourists, clean, cheap and it`s located about 5 minutes from the Sinchon st. Metro in Seoul is very easy to understand, so after Tokyo where we have all lines all together at one place Seoul metro felt like a paradise 😀

Comparing to Tokyo, metro in Seoul is very bright, you know how Japanese are crazy about saving the energy 😉 (which is good though) Here`s the pic of one of the trains⬇.


IMG_3107 IMG_3102

It is so different from metro in Tokyo where we have so many rules! Here`s video of what you`ll never see in Tokyo 😀  note: she`s sitting on the priority seat ^^

Also found some dear stuff 😉 Looks like they do exchange our KZ currency there ^^


 And you don`t need to speak Korean, Japanese works pretty good 😉 see why ⬇ well, i tried to use all my Korean i`ve got so far, but here`s the thing, i can ask questions, like where is it or how much is it, how to get here and so on, BUT i don`t get the answers o_O that awkward moment when you say you don`t speak Korean after asking something in that language and even getting the answer to it 😀



The Next day, May 3rd! Btw, i think i failed to mention that i had a Kiss and Cry zone ticket which allowed me to attend the fan meeting!!! But, i met Yuna few hours before the meeting… in Myeongdong 😀 Here`s the proof lol ⬇


 The atmosphere at the Olympic Park was incredible! I`m sure this ⬇ made it`s work also 😉 I had this feeling that i may even meet Yuna somewhere around the park, well, in some ways i did 😉


IMG_3117 IMG_3121


Unfortunately, pictures and videos were prohibited at this year`s fan meeting due to Sewol tragedy…i saw thousands of yellow ribbons there in town, Seoul is still in pain. Honestly, i was a bit disappointed with that restriction, but it`s that situation when you just can`t get mad or ask for something more, i was thankful they didn`t cancelled the show.


Oh, btw, again i failed to mention something important! I met two Yuna fans there, Chinese and Korean girls.  Korean girl made my perfect stay in Seoul even better! She`s one of the administrators of one of the biggest Yuna fan blogs, so dedicated, so into Yuna, i could feel her love! i bet she cried like hundred times more than i did during the show 😀 Thanks, J! It was so nice to meet you! ❤ And the Chinese girl, she is so lively and lovely! One second she`s here, the next one she`s there lol She brought their own banner made by Chinese fans club and hung it up on the bridge. Here`s how it looked like⬇ credits to J!


She also brought me awesome pictures of Yuna drawn by one Chinese fan! ⬇


So, the fan meeting! i almost won the sneakers from Prospecs, we had this questionnaire of “yes” or “no” questions, and i almost made it!!!!! >< so i made it to the final question and lost in kaibaibo (Rock, paper, scissors). Well, i won in kaibaibo only once in my life and it was when i got the fan pit ticket at BSB concert 😀 So, i made it to the finals while understanding only 10% of the content!!! ehheh no, i`m not a genius 😀 i was just carefully listening to my friend`s instructions lol here`s the cards we were using for the answers ⬇

20140511_220801 20140511_220814

And then guys showed up! They were so close, so real, so first five minutes i was stuck in a moment. Then they started introducing themselves. Here are three things i didn`t know before: 1) Bruno Massot – he`s got a very sexy voice and his French accent makes it sound even more better ❤ 2) Alexey Yagudin – he is so funny! i didn`t know he speaks English so good! and 3) Stephane Lambiel – he got second loudest welcome screaming after Yuna`s 😀 He`s so popular there!

And then came Yuna`s turn! The crowd went crazy, they just exploded 😀 Someone screamed “I love You!” to which Yuna said “emm, I`m Korean actually” lol yesssss, i understood it by myself 😉 Then we had a Q&A time where some asked Yuna what is her favorite snack before going to bed, to which she answered that during her competitive life she couldn`t afford herself any snack before going to bed, but now, if she feels hungry, she fulfills that wants and eats something. I am not sure if she mentioned anything about her favorite snack, but i was happy to hear that now she can afford herself anything and anytime ❤ After that Alexey said that it is unfair that only audience is available to make questions, which made us and Yuna (from her reaction) think that he wants to ask something from us. But when he got a microphone, he said “I have a question to ….YUNA!” o_O so he continued, “i want to ask about one issue that we are (the cast) and i bet everyone in the audience are very curious about” …for one second i thought he`s going to ask her about her BF, when he said “i want to ask is it possible for us to see you at the Pyeongchang Olympic Games?” o_O obviously Yuna wasn`t expecting this question, so she looked a bit confused, so emcee guy said “on the condition that we`ll see you also there ^^”, to which Alexey said “ok, i`ll prepare a wheelchair for myself” lol But not Yuna, the fans made it clear to Alexey as they raised their cards they used during “yes” or “no” questionnaire contest up with the face saying “no” on it 😉 ehheh

then there also were some questions to other skaters, for example one girl asked Shae-Lynn what she has to do to become flexible as she is, to which Shae-Lynn said “have a baby” 😀 then someone asked Stephane for an eye contact, oh there also was one girl asking Han Yan to change his choreographer xixixi so, this is pretty much it of what i remember from the fan meeting, there was much more, so i hope someone made it somehow and took the videos.


The Station – Olympic Park!


there were so many interesting events so we got there like three hours before the show in order to look around and try some of them. Here`s how it looked like ⬇


There was a booth where you write a message to Yuna, they take a picture of you holding your message, and then you get your picture in a frame with Yuna on it. Mine didn`t go well, i don`t know if it was me 😀 or the camera, so i took picture four times! but still didn`t get the clean one, BUT i got FOUR Yuna frames ❤ ⬇


And finally, SHOW TIME!!!

※ i have to apologize in advance, i just realized that i don`t have even one picture of Yuna skating o_O But i have some videos 😀 sorry guys i was torn between watching and taking pictures.

The venue inside looked awesome, just breathtaking! There was a huge Yuna poster at the entrance ⬇


And here`s THAT screen ❤ ⬇





20140504_171629 20140504_171631 20140504_171632 20140504_171634 20140504_171636 20140504_171638 20140504_171639

The screen in action!

My Kiss & Cry zone seat ❤ it was third row from the top btw 😀


And then it started! The magic! The moment i made all the way to get there for! The day everyone was waiting for!…Let it go ❤

 Cast Introduction! p.s. sorry, Yuna`s part has not the best quality, everyone just went crazy!

Here`s some pics i managed to take. 







Shae-Lynn Bourne, she just killed it! as i always say, figure skating is not only about jumps! well, at the competitions it can be used towards every athlete, but in this kind of shows, you need to be Yuna or Shae-Lynn to make your program look perfect even without jumps ❤


 Then came our boy, Denis!!! You know, i was so SO SO SO SO SO proud of him!!! Being a part of such a special event, sharing Yuna`s farewell stage, i am so happy he was a part of it! I even felt like i also was a part of it 😉 I loved his every move through ATS, starting from the fan meeting, the way he talked about Yuna, the way he skated, and at the parking lot, it was raining but he still came up very close and welcomed everyone, so polite! Thank you, Denis! Your presence there made ATS just perfect to me! You are our male version of Yuna 😀 







Here`s our boy…just 15 seconds though 😀

btw, he`s having his own show at the end of the May! just look at the cast! i wonder who`s that secret guest, i hope it`s not Yuna 😛 no, i want her to visit my country, but i also wanna be there and as you know now i`m in Japan 😀 well, it is definitely a male skater as you can see from the picture of that mysterious guest, and he`s pretty much looks like Alexey Yagudin 😉 

here`s the show link  sorry it`s in Russian, they still working on English version;) 

And finally, the moment we all were waiting for, The Queen! the audience went crazy 😀 everyone was crying! see why ⬇

Even if you put all the positive adjectives together it wouldn`t be enough to describe the way Yuna skates! Brilliant? yes, much more shining! Fascinating? yes, you just stuck in a moment when she`s on the ice! Breathtaking? oh yes, not sure if i was breathing ❤ 😀 i don`t speak perfect English, but even if i could, i wouldn`t be able to describe her storytelling on the ice, it`s just the lack of vocabulary but not mine, any dictionary is helpless. That is the true skating, she skates from the bottom of her heart, and you feel it, you don`t need to speak Korean to understand what she`s trying to say. Nessun Dorma made me cry. no really, i was crying like a baby 😉 I saw her skating at WC in Moscow, i watched hundreds of videos of her skating, and i also have a favorite programs of her, but this one!!! it was MAGNIFICENT!!! I can`t find another word to describe it! But you know, no need of words, her skating itself says everything, this is how the true Champion have to skate! While she was skating i was looking at her, i didn`t even want to blink, i didn`t want to miss even a second of her performance. By the time she showed up and took her pose right in front of the orchestra, tears were already streaming down my face, it wasn`t tears of sadness, no, it`s just, it was the moment i made all the way from Tokyo to watch with my own eyes…and it was coming to an end. Through that 3 minutes i had only two phrases in my head, Thank you and 수고해요 or お疲れさま in Japanese, in English it`s something like “Good job” but it has much more deeper meaning. So why i was crying? it is hard to explain, you have to be there, feel it. i think i was happy for her as she doesn`t need to go through tough trainings anymore, but at the same time i was a bit sad as the world of Figure Skating was saying goodbye to it`s best child ever. There will be no one like Yuna in the next hundreds of years! She is the best that ever happened to this sport! The One and Only, The Queen! Thank you, Yuna for everything! It is so hard to say goodbye to you as an athlete, although i love this sport from the bottom of my heart, it will be different without you. You were the reason i fell in love with this sport, you are the one who made me thinking about UNICEF…You have this personality which i don`t have, but i wish my kids in the future will  have, you are my role model, you don`t even know but you`ve done so much to me, how many times you raised me up when i was down, you were my inspiration for the past few years, i can`t thank you enough! Thank you, thank you so much! And now, once you`re done, i want you to be happy! Promise me, you have to become the happiest girl in South Korea!!! if i only knew that you will date that guy i`d have talked to him when i met him in KZ back in 2011 😀 

Oh, i forgot to mention that a live orchestra accompanied skaters in part 2!!!




Emotional FINALE!


Seeing Yuna off at the parking lot!

So, this is pretty much it! oh, no, i didn`t show you my presents, did i? 😀 as i had a Kiss and Cry zone ticket, i got this ⬇ 😀



And the PROGRAM! Which is a diary also ❤



And as a bonus…


This bear is to check the air in the room, i`ve been told that it`s perfect when he`s green 😉 looks like my room is ok 😀


p.s. Yuna will take some rest and only then think about her future. Here in Japan, every skater even the most famous ones, they all end up doing an emcee on TV, i don`t like it. They are such kind of people that can make changes, the one that we will listen to when they speak, but here for some reasons they are not using it, i mean they are not trying. I don`t know what Yuna will be doing in the future, but i`m sure she won`t be emceeing on a TV or doing a show-business, and even though she has given us a lot until this day (look at her lists of activities as a Goodwill Ambassador, it exceeds her title`s list! She`s not just a Great athlete, she`s a Great person also!), i know we will get much more in the future.

So, can`t wait to hear from you, Yuna, in the future!!!

p.s. Yuna is the kind of adult i want my Kana to become like!

and oh, guys, Seoul is a MUST visit place! not because of Yuna, it`s just a great place to be with an interesting places to visit and super hot food to eat 😀 I`m coming back definitely!


thank you, guys, for making it till the end! let me know what do you think? 😉

hope all links are working, let me know if not.




Two hours in a Dream!

Hey there! Hope you guys are doing well 8>

As for me, school has started again, last year at my masters! Hope next year on this day i`m gonna be with degree already 😀 Still looking for a job, started an internship at JANIC, challenging myself in ice hockey and oh, the last fresh news, i got tweet from Akiko Suzuki!!! well, it was just “have a nice day”, but c`mon it was from Akkochan! that made my whole week 8> she is so polite, quite a lady!

Oh, btw, page i am running with my friend FB has reached 43!!! members!!! WOW!!! We need to work hard for them 😉 Steven and i been thinking about some special stuff for our page, if it works i will let you know 😉 DO you have any ideas?? everyone is welcome, the main purpose of that page is to make everyone happy! so, guys let me hear your voices 😀

So, skating season 2013/14 is over and now hundreds of Ice Shows are being held  in many parts of the world, like USA, Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan and etc…so, as a HUGE figure skating fan it`d be unforgettable for me not to be on the site of one of them 😀 so i went to Stars on Ice almost a week ago. I had so much fun, just look at the cast:

Yuzuru HANYU, Tatsuki MACHIDA, Takahiko KOZUKA, Patrick CHAN, Javier FERNANDEZ, Qing PANG & Jian TONG, Mao ASADA, Akiko SUZUKI, Kanako MURAKAMICarolina KOSTNER, Tessa VIRTUE & Scott MOIR, Maia SHIBUTANI & Alex SHIBUTANI, Cathy REED & Chris REED, Narumi TAKAHASHI & Ryuichi KIHARA, Jeffrey BUTTLE, Joannie ROCHETTE, Yuka SATO, Shizuka ARAKAWA, Nobunari ODA, Adelina SOTNIKOVA. 

Ain`t this just WOW event for a figure skating lover??!! It was like two hours in a Dream Land! Perfect event for Japan as this sport is number one popular here. Best audience, best fans of this sport are here, they go to these shows to enjoy figure skating itself, while for example in Korea it`d be mostly because of Yuna. No, I am not saying it is wrong or smth else, i respect Yuna, i really love this girl, i am likely going to ATS next week just because of Yuna, she was, she is and will be my number one skater, it is just, something makes Japan special when it comes to figure skating. imho though 😉

Here`s what i saw ❤❤❤: © to tvTokyo

Saturday, April 12, 2014 13:00 performance

“What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World?”
Hans Zimmer
“ William Tell”
Nobunari Oda
“ The Prayer”
Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion
Cathy & Chris Reed
“Love Dance”
Cirque du soleil
Akiko Suzuki
“Piano Guys”
Van Cliburn / Dave Brubeck
“Satan Takes a Holiday” (short program)
Larry Clinton
Javier Fernandez
“Michael Jackson medley” Maia & Alex Shibutani
“King of Anything”
Sara Bareilles
Kanako Murakami
“East of Eden”
Lee Holdridge / London Symphony Orchestra
Tatsuki Machida
“Glitter In The Air” Yuka Sato
“Bang bang”
Takahiko Kozuka
“Nella Fantasia”
Keltic Woman
Shizuka Arakawa
“The Walker”
Fitz and The Tantrums
“Kazoku Ni Naroyo”
Masaharu Fukuyama
“Samson and Delilah” Narumi Takahashi & Ryuichi Kihara
“Notre Dame de Paris” Joannie Rochette
Jeffrey Buttle
“Scheherazade” Carolina Kostner
“Romeo and Juliet”
Josh Groban
Qing Pang & Jian Tong
“Steppin’ Out”
Tony Bennett
Patrick Chan
“Top Hat and Tails” Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir
“Come Together”
Ferruccio Spinetti & Petra Magoni
Adelina Sotnikova
“Smile/What a Wonderful World” Mao Asada
“Hana Ni Nare”
Fumiya Sashida
Yuzuru Hanyu
“Don’ t Stop Believin'”
Tom Cruise/Mary J Blige

So, It all started with group performance. No announcers were there, performances just smoothly continued one after another, just one big screen with the names. And when introduction was needed, like for Yuka Sato, Yuzuru, Mao and Group performance by team Japan, it was perfectly done by skaters themselves. Kozuka Takahiko welcomed Yuka Sato, Yuzuru was introduced by Oda Nobunari, Team Japan performance by Shizuka Arakawa and Mao was welcomed with warm words from Yuka Sato (FYI, she`s Jeremy Abbot`s coach).

I enjoyed every single performance, well, almost every…there was one by Adelina Sotnikova, emmm, no, really, she needs to work on her exhibition programs, i`ve seen two so far, first  was like “what she`s doing?”, and the second one, girl, you better not end it like that, it is so identical to Yuna…and stop asking audience to clap you, i understand when you do it once then you just rock the ice so clapping won`t stop until the end, but c`mon, you did it like ten times, oh…what i saw there? nothing that brought her that GM and nothing that could help her to make the podium at WC last month. She was really aggressive on twitter lately, posting some statements to her haters, well, yes, i`m not agree with that medal, but i really want her to stay strong, as it is must be a huge pressure, i hope we won`t hear from her “i wish i didn`t win that medal”…be strong, and show me what you got next year. I have my opinion, here`s a challenge for ya, try to change it, mission is not impossible.

So, let me get back to SOI! Ice dancers, Maia & Alex, they just killed it with Michael Jackson medley, they are really loved here. Cathy & Chris…there are two things i always think about pairs and ice dancers, first is “how come they`re not dating??”, and the second one “siblings….really??” Some would see it weird to skate with your brother or sister, but i`m sure it`s not easier if not harder. Maia & Alex, Chris & Cathy, from all the difficulties this segment has, they also have a “switch” button, when they step on the ice they switch from siblings to strangers, lovers, friends…and etc. Chris & Cathy, i love their emotions on the ice, they are so into it.

Scott & Tessa, love these guys, please guys #dontgo! for me, best EVER! My girl, Kanako, she was having a lot of fun there, it was good to see her smiling that way. There were also some group performances, i loved the one performed by Scott, Patrick, Jeffrey, Tessa, Carolina and Joannie. It wouldn`t be a surprise if say Scott & Tessa did some lifts, but when Patrick and Jeffrey executed perfect lift with Carolina and Joannie, i almost dropped my camera @_@ that is not something you expect from single skaters, huh?

Shizuka, she announced she`s pregnant few days ago, so she decided to skip the rest of the tour. well, she was the first skater i saw doing the double axel on the third month of pregnancy 😀 Happy i got to see her on the ice as i never saw her LIVE skatings. Yuzuru, simply a japanese boy skating for a japanese music, so polite, so gentle. He tried to land quad loop after final performance, it didn`t go well but i heard he succeeded on it during rehearsals, so maybe next year he will surprise us 😉 Tatsuki, strong performance, i could feel his passion! Looking forward to see you skating next season, Macchi! Joannie, last time i saw her skating was exhibition of the Vancouver OG, i still can`t believe she did it till the end, strong strong girl! I heard some skaters had to skate with a high fever, most skates with an injury pain, but that…, i still remember myself crying after her performance. She is not competing anymore, but i`m glad she didn`t quit skating.

Ice shows, they are so different from competitions, even from exhibitions. It is the moment when this sport becomes a piece of an art, it brings you to a fairytale where you can meet anyone and anything can happen. Time stops and skaters transfers into a magicians. That guy Ottavio Cinquantahe must be insane wanting to change something in this sport, existence of short program does not make it special, IT IS SPECIAL you old man, just look how it makes people feel, look at that girl Mao shook hands with during “Smile”. If you want to change something, i have a great idea, retire. This is like asking an ice hockey players to play without pucks, or speed skaters turn to the right, i`m sure if soccer was under ISU he would propose to play only 45 minutes or only one leg of play offs…There`s a petition running through the world, i don`t do this often but today i am asking you to help us, if figure skating means to you a bit more than just a sport, please join us on this petition, it was created by one of my blogger friend. We need to make it run through the whole world, keeping silence can kill this sport, let`s make a change together!



p.s. so after long long visa problems story i`m likely going to All that skate next week. I`m not sure because South Korea is not in the mood of celebrating something, you all know the reason. Yuna cancelled all her last events, and i won`t say a word if she does the same with ATS. i will let you guys know if i am going or not. as for now my thoughts are with the families of those who missing…

btw, let me hear your voices guys, anything you are not agree with me, or anything you want me to add, to post about, please, let me know 😉




History was made in Saitama!

Just came back from the Ladies` SP #2014WC. I tell you, this was a HUGE one! As for competition itself i felt a bit sad because Yuna wasn`t on the list, well, it will take some time for me to get used to it.

So, i was there only first two days, but the emotions i got, i think it`s a whole year portion! Let me start with the first day. As surprises always do, one came from where i didn`t expect it, Yuzuru fell on his opening jump. well, as for me, that “YUZURU aishiteru~!” did it`s job in opposite way, just watch this, it was like one second before music started. If they thought it`d help, it didn`t then. Yes, he didn`t use the ice widely as he always do before entering quad, yes the entrance itself was a bit different, but girls c`mon, you are supposed to be the most polite fans, first, because you are in Japan, second, because for me Yuzuru is the most polite athlete ever, i mean that language he uses in his interviews, that is something to take a look at.

Javier did perfect as i expected and he deserved his second position. And Tatsuki, oh boy, he was on fire! He put there on the ice everything he could`t in Sochi, i almost felt how angry he was. And deserved first place after SP. But i would`t say almost 7 points difference is enough to beat Yuzuru, no, if he lands his opening quad salchow and executes the rest of the program perfectly scores will come. Plus he is skating after Tatsuki, and even if Tatsuki perform perfectly judges can push their buttons and hold the scores. So tomorrow we will face the battle between two samurais and one Spanish macho 😀

Oh, i forgot, there was one more surprise, Abzal qualified to FS!!! Well, that`s mostly thanks to Alexander Majorov. Why he is not trying to jump quad? I mean like if there is something he has to lose! If you don`t take the risk, you don`t drink champagne, right? You fail on it, no FS, you succeed, then you are into FS with the highest position you`ve ever had!? Or maybe presentation will work better? No quad, then maybe green hairs!! so judges would remember you, and that`s my boy is very important in this sport.

Pairs! Aliona and Robin finished they carriers on the top, where they should be!!! Both SP and FS was emotional, especially when they step in their last FS and when they finished it! They are so adorable!!! I am very happy i was able to see them skating one more time with my own eyes. It was one of those performances that is worth to wait as long as it`s needed. BEST EVER!!! for me there is always gonna be only ONE PAIR!!! i don`t want you guys to go, but i respect your decisions…it`s just…i already miss you…8>

And, i don`t know why Russian couple looked like someone stole their Gold medals, not this time guys, not in the era of Aliona&Robin.

New faces that made me smile were Meagan DUHAMEL & Eric RADFORD, and Kirsten MOORE-TOWERS & Dylan MOSCOVITCH!!! Let`s say i was distraught at the thought that S/S are retiring when these guys appeared 😀 Looking forward to their upcoming seasons!

Ok, next – Ladies` SP!

Now this was full of happiness for me! It all started with  Hae Jin KIM and So Youn PARK qualifying to FS! These two girls, they were shining so bright, i could see from their faces how happy to be here, they were enjoying their every single moments over there. They did everything to make Yuna onnie proud, and i`m sure she is proud! Oh, and So Youn, her opening 3S-3T, high, fast, perfectly executed! I was a bit sleepy at that moment, she woke me up, it was like an electrical shock lol So, these two ladies are new interesting faces for me!!!

Second! I took a picture sitting at Kiss and Cry!!! not real one of course, it was a 100% copy! It felt awesome, plus i was wearing Team Japan`s jersey, so it made it to look even more realistic 😀 Here`s the pic, how do i look? ^^


Third, my girl Kanako did almost perfect, without any remarkable mistakes. After Mao`s SP ice was full with fan presents, flowers, chocolates, bears and etc. were laying everywhere on the ice so Kanako couldn`t skate/prepare as she always do. That made me a little worry, because i know one wrong thought and SP is over even before it`s started. But, she deal confident with all that stuff and made everything in a style. I saw only one little step out, but looks like judges did see more, so she didn`t get the scores i expected. But still, i am really proud of her.

Fourth! AKKO CHAN!!!!!! OMG!!! I was passionately sitting there until group five!!! With that group i went wild, i started screaming, jumping, sending twits like every second, i`m sure those old ladies sitting next to me were about to kill me 😀 but, c`mon how can you stay calm when AKKO CHAN skates as she did tonight?! But there was only one action we where taking together, we were crying with Akko chan 8> Perfect SP with personal best scores, perfect ending. Sad, i won`t be able to see her skating her last FS with my own eyes, but at the same time it is good, because if i was there i`d need dozens of towels to sweep my tears 😀

And finally, fifth, MAO, oh MAO!!! i have no words, just emotions!!! That was probably her best SP of her entire career! And Yuna`s SP WR was finally broken, i`m happy it was done by Mao, and not anyone else. Tonight i saw The Real Mao! Triple Axel – the jump that brought her fame, then put her almost on the bottom, is coming back again. And it is sad to think she is going to retire when she finally made it her`s once again. No matter what decision she will make, this performance will stay forever in our hearts! Thank you, Mao! YOU are the reason i started figure skating, YOU are the reason i applied for volunteering at 7th AWG and got to meet Kanako, Tatsuki and Haruka, YOU are the reason i got to know Yuna, YOU are the one my girl is looking at, YOU brought so much happiness in my life even without knowing me, i want to thank you! Thank you, Mao! You are the Best!

So these was my two days journey. I had a blast!!! I didn`t get to see Ice dance, i hope everything goes well for everyone, especially Maia & Alex, Chris & Cathy. Will be crossing fingers for your guys, enjoy your time!!! ❤US❤JP❤

p.s. i`ll be back very soon as i have one more skating event coming just in couple of weeks! Stars on Ice Japan Tour!!! Here are skaters who will be there: Jeffrey BUTTLE, Joannie Rochette, Sato Yuka (Jeremy Abbot`s coach), Shizuka Arakawa, Oda Nobunari, Mao Asada, Akiko Suzuki, Kanako Murakami, Carolina Kostner, Yuzuru Hanyu, Machida Tatsuki, Kozuka Takahiko, Patrick Chan, Javier Fernandez, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Maia & Alex Shibutani, Cathy and Chris Reed, Narumi Takahashi & Kihara Ryuichi, Pang Qing & Tong Jian!!!!!!!!!! Can`t wait!!!!!!! And i may also go to Yuna`s All That Skate 2014!!! Now this is a schedule of real FS fan, don`t you think so? 8>

oops, 3AM in Tokyo, gotta go to bed.

Night and Morning, everyone!



Worlds!!! what else? :)


After Sochi I was heart broken, not only because Yuna didn’t get her totally deserved Gold, but also because of her(confirmed) and some other grand’s possible retirements. But, you know, time is a best healer, and with it going by my heart has been repaired 🙂 so now, I think if Yuna fine with her medal, me too then, and for the other skaters, I’m taking this as a chance to see some new faces. As one of my good friends says, secret of happiness is always to have something to look forward to 😉

So!!! Saitama arena is opening it’s doors for figure skating fans again, the World championship is underway!!! Tadam!!! Lol let me tell you, getting tickets here is a real battle, I got mines like six months ago!!! yeah, do you know what are gonna be doing in six months? like in details, on this day? 😉 This is, but well, it`s been a while for me staying here, so now i`m kinda used to it.

Yes, figure skating is the most popular sport here, and one more thing, the audience here is the best in the world! You won’t here “GO Japan!” when non Japanese skaters are on the ice. Something to learn here for Russians, well, just saying.

So, the Worlds! Personally, there are two issues I feel disappointed about. First, no Denis Ten, I love this kiddo and I was looking forward to see him skating live. And oh, did I fail to mention we’re from same country? 😀 Second, no Adelina Sotnikova, hmmm I thought she is a fighter, I thought she will come here, stand in front of the different judges and show everyone that she doesn’t need any help to get the Gold. Well, i don`t think she cares about it, she is an Olympic Champion, and that`s the result that matters. I was looking forward to her GOE though, not this time.

Let me start with mens, Patrick Chan is not coming, so I’m pretty sure there will be no surprises and Yuzuru will get his first world champion title. The only question about Yuzuru is if he is going to land his FS opening quad salchow or not.  Silver, I’d say Javier, but who knows, boy I support personally Machida Tatsuki can surprise!

In the pairs, with Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov skipping the competition Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy are likely on their way to another World title. I thought they are retiring, but i`m happy i`ll be able to see them skating one more time.

Ice dance, main four – Tessa & Scott, Meryl & Charlie are not competing this year, so i really hope Maia & Alex will make the podium. So, in this section i am open to new names, come in guys, take my breath away lol.

Ladies, now this one is going to be hot!!! The only sections where i can`t predict anything. Last stage for Suzuki Akiko, maybe Mao, I’ll be praying for her, I really want her last trace to be just as she wants. Then Julia, with all those pressure Russian media put on her fifteen years old shoulders, no surprise she failed as she is too young to face it. So, she is probably hungry for win and she is coming here for it, and she is one to watch! Caro, Ashley, Polina and Gracie, these ladies still have their last words to say. And my girl Kanako, this girl will bring tons of happiness! And she also can surprise, trust me, i know. Eight ladies fighting for three spots, WOW!!!

So, this is how i see it, but it is only me. I`m going to be on the site first two days, so stay tuned i will be posting.

2AM in Tokyo, time to bed.

see you in two days,



Yuna`s father wrote her a letter

This is so touching so i decided to share it with you guys! If you know Korean there is a link for original letter out there. 

Grateful and proud of my Daughter.

My dear Yuna, my lovely daughter,
Today when I was watching your programs on TV, I thought my heart was going to burst. I know that the music to your free skate program, “Adios Nonino”, is originally a tribute for a father and because of this people asked me how I felt as they felt like this program could’ve been a tribute to me during your last program ever.

But I did not hear anything. I could not feel anything. The only thing that came to my vision were the detailed moments of the rise and falls in your movements. My feelings when watching your competitions over the past seventeen years were the same as when I was watching your last competition; it was difficult to watch.

10 days before, when you left for Sochi I did not tell you “Bring home a gold medal”. Instead I only told you to do your very best. Because it was your last competition, I told you to show everything that you wished to do, to pour every fiber of your being into this endeavor, and to not let your supporters down. I told you that the Olympic Gold Medal is something that only the heavens gift you with and that if you did your very best wouldn’t the proper results follow?

Even as I said those words to you, in my heart I had a wish for a gold medal. That is because more than anyone in this world I know of your incredible skill and work ethic. A couple days before, I dreamt that I had won a game and collected all of the money from my friends. After I awoke, I thought to myself that the money in the dream could signify another gold medal and my wish for your 2nd gold medal grew bigger.

However, during the competition I saw an earlier competitor’s, Adelina Sotnikova’s, score and thought that it would be very difficult to overcome this mark. After Vancouver four years ago, because of the scoring system changes I knew that unless you received extra points it would be very difficult for you to get the winning score.

Our Yuna was last to skate in the competition and how nervous you must have been! What would happen if our Yuna makes mistakes? As I awaited for your turn my lips turned dry and my heart felt like it was going to rip apart.

At that moment, the 17 years and 7 months that I have spent with figure skating flashed before my very eyes. Do you remember? The times of countless tears and hardships…I then fervently prayed that in this very situation you would unfold and perform everything that you wanted to perform and leave this stage happy regardless of the result. I sincerely wished for my dear daughter , just as always, to humbly accept reality, to not make excuses, to not complain, to not argue, and to not blame others.

In your last competitive stage you didn’t falter even once. Even with that score, you accepted it, kept the tears back, and smiled. The moment I saw your smile was the happiest moment of our entire journey with figure skating from when you were only six years old to now. I thought that even in adverse conditions you did your best. You didn’t cling onto the results and gave a self satisfying performance. You confidently faced reality and moved forward. I am so thankful that you were able to smile for me like that.

Our loving Yuna, standing here now and looking back at these 17 years and 7 months the countless moments of triumphs and disappointments are coming to mind. The joys were but only fleeting moments while adversity was continuous. When we first started figure skating, our family could not even imagine that you would eventually win an Olympic gold medal. We could not forsee the incredible hardships of figure skating but sacrificed everything while slowly taking things one step at a time, ending here at this point in our lives.

When you competed at international events and received scores that did not reflect great judgment, as your father I was very sorry. I once told you, long ago, that I was sorry that I was not able to give birth to you in a more powerful country known for its figure skating might. Even here, in Korea, without a proper skating rink you trained hard while getting injured over and over again. And every time I sent you off to international competitions while knowing that you were so injured, my heart was deeply troubled.

Despite all of this, you never lost a medal even once in any of the events in your competitive career. Without adversity there are no results, injuries are the evidence of hard work. Once you set a goal, don’t even bat an eyelash and solely focus on the road ahead to run towards your goal. With all this, I am so proud of everything that you have done.

Dear Yuna, you can rest now to your heart’s content. You won an Olympic Gold Medal, you’ve received so much love from so many people, and you’ve even blazed a trail for future Korean skaters. Now, let us return back to being normal people from being celebrities. As your father, I wish that like normal people you will be able to enjoy common, everyday happiness while living a normal life.

Now since we have so much time, let’s ignore the public eye and go out to eat delicious things. Let’s go out to cafes and drink coffee while chatting endlessly. Let us allow for you new dreams to blossom. As your father, I will do everything in my power and will to help you in your new journey.

As soon as your program finished early this morning, I texted to you “Yuna~ You are the real champion” to which you replied “Thanks, I’m fine”.

No my sweet Yuna, thank YOU for boldly overcoming everything in the face of adversity. A job well done. For all these years you have gone through so much. I am incredibly proud of our great Yuna.

I love you.

original at

credits to YNKF, thank you guys for this!